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Questions and answers.
Why should I buy Lecoupe Arctic Glacier Premium Ice instead of just making my own ice?
The ice made in your freezer trays at home is not only cloudy from water impurities, but it also absorbs the odours of the other foods in the freezer leaving a ‘funny’ taste to it.  Lecoupe Arctic Glacier Premium Ice is passed through four carbon filtration systems and then through an ultra violet filtration system to get all impurities out.  The ice is made with stainless steel/food grade equipment and is packaged in tamper resistant sealed packaging eliminating the risk of contamination and producing a clear, taste-free and risk free packaged ice product.

Why all the fuss, ice is just frozen water isnít it?
In recent studies, approximately 85% of consumers are concerned with the quality of their tap water.  This is why there has been a large increase in the sales of bottled water over the past few years.  So if you don’t trust your tap water, than how can you trust the ‘frozen water’ made in your freezer at home?

Can bacteria grow on ice, even though it is frozen?
Ice is a food, and just like another other food it can become contaminated with bacteria and/or viruses that can cause illness.  Ice can contain a wide spectrum of bacteria, from Salmonella and E. Coli to Hepatitis A.  That is why it is important to buy Lecoupe Arctic Glacier Premium Ice with the IPIA logo on it, and remember to handle ice with a clean sanitized ice scoop--- no hands!

I am having a party this weekend how much ice do I need?

We usually recommend approximately 1kg (2 lbs) of ice per person, so if you’re having a party with about 50 people, 1-12kg (26lbs) bag should be good.  Looking at cooling down a case of bottles or cans, we recommend about 1-12kg (26lbs) bag of ice to cool for 6-8 hours.  To cool a half-barrel of beer, 2-12kg (50 lbs) bags of ice should be used to cool for 6-8 hours.

*Remember to get an extra bag or two when the temperature or humidity level is high*.


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