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Trailer Rental

Having a special event, and require ice but have no place to store it?  Our mobile refrigerated trailer can hold up to 100-12 kg’s of ice and is perfect for events of all types.  Requires a 15 amp single phase to operate.

Truck Rental
Requiring a larger quantity of ice for a huge event or that concrete pour on a hot day? Well we have the truck for your needs.  Our refrigerated truck can hold up to 8 pallets of ice at a time.  Call now, for availability and pricing!!

48 foot Trailer Rental
For your large scale projects, why not try out our 48ft trailer.  Whether you require a large amount of packaged ice for a major event, or require a location to store and chill your products.  Give us a call today to find out more.

Cold Storage
Our 10 000 square feet refrigerated storage is perfect for 1 pallet to 100’s of pallets, whatever your needs …. We Will Take Care of You!

Need Refrigerated Pickup and Delivery ----- DONE

Take advantage of bulk food sales and store it until you need it.
Great for restaurants wanting to buy in bulk.  Perfect for grocery stores needing extra room for that weekly special or those Thanksgiving Turkeys.
Weekly and Monthly Rates Available

Call us today to discuss your refrigerated storage needs.

Pick Up and Delivery
Need to transfer products from one store to another?  Purchased products from a warehouse and need to get it to your destination?  Give us a call for availability, we would love to help.

Disaster Ice
You never know when a disaster is going to arise.  It could be a hurricane, earthquake, contaminated water or even a power outage throughout the city.  Lecoupe Arctic Glacier Premium Ice understands that during times like these ice becomes a necessity and that is why we feel it is important to connect around the world.  In Canada or in the U.S.A, we are able to move quickly in order to get the ice to the disaster area within a 24 hour notice timeframe.

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